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Magnifying glass with the word 'Find' being displayedWelcome to, the online gun values guide with a free search tool that allows you to easily find exactly the firearm you are looking for. Stop sifting through pages of search results.  Our database contains thousands of firearm value listings that are frequently updated to ensure that they accurately reflect the market.  All of our records have been meticulously categorized by dozens of attributes, including model name, barrel length, caliber/gauge, stock material, etc.  If you are not familiar with these terms, don’t worry – we will provide resources to learn the things that you need to know in order to find the value of a firearm accurately.

Try us out for free.  Only pay when you find what you need.

Some other gun values sites won’t even tell you the exact models that they have in their pricing guides before you pay.  Sometimes you must pay for an entire manufacturer’s list of prices only to find out that the model you are you looking for is not included!  Some others let you see a list of the models for which they have prices, but none of them allow you to drill down to the exact firearm you want as easily as My Gun Values.  Once you have located the right gun, you can decide to pay just $1.99 to view the gun’s value in all of the conditions that we track.  Alternatively you may purchase a subscription and see the values without having to make a payment every time.

Finding a Gun Value is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Follow the link below to create a free membership that will allow you to search the gun values database and participate in the discussions on our blog and other areas of our site.
  2. Once you have confirmed your free membership, head over to the Firearm Search page to find the exact firearm for which you would like to know the value.
  3. When you have found the firearm you are looking for, you can get a listing of the value in all conditions by paying $1.99, or by purchasing a subscription to get a year’s access to the gun values database for one low price.

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