MyGunValues Mobile App

MyGunValues is proud to announce that our site has been formatted to work on your mobile browsing device. That means that all you have to do is point your mobile device’s web browser at the site, and you have a portal gun values app at your fingertips!  You get the same values, content, industry updates and the newsletter as our regular site but designed to give you gun values on your mobile device.

Imagine the following scenario. You are at a garage sale and there is a rifle for sale. The sales price is $500 and it looks like it is in good shape. It is a pump-action that you have always been intrigued by but you don’t know what it I worth. Now all you have to do is bring up the site log on and you can tell if the value is reasonable high or low. For a more definitive example let us say the gun in a Remington model 141 chambered in 30 Remington. It is in good condition and is complete. Is $500 a good deal or should you keep shopping? Now you don’t have to wonder. At the time of this writing the value is $345 in good condition but it would be $520 if the rifle in excellent condition.

Another example is when you are in a shop that sells used firearms. (Cabalas Gun Library will do nicely for an example). They have a Ruger American chambered in 30-06 and priced at $400. It has a sling, scope and looks like new.  Should you shell out the cash? Simply log on and look to find out. The rifle sells for approx $400 new so with a scope and a sling I would certainly consider that a good value.

Next you are at a gun show. We have all seen the guys walking around wearing signs that have this and that for sale. Now it is a simple matter to look it up right on the show floor and see if it I worth your time to look at it.

The possibilities are virtually endless. With our Dealer value you can tell if the dealer is being fair of trying to rip you off. It will give you a range of the average price you can expect a dealer to pay for your gun. Dealers have to make a profit so you cannot expect them to pay $500 for a gun that is worth $525. This will give you a guide.

Want to know when the gun in questioned was manufactured. Of our over 105,000 models 80% have the years of manufacture listed. All you have to do is be a member.

Want to know if the value of a gun has changed. If you have one stored in the My Gun Vault section you will receive an automatic update when the value changes. This also can be up or down so if the price goes down it usually means some market force is at work or the bubble has burst. (Good example whenever the liberals are pushing for more gun control. When that subsides the price of the affected items usually drops back.)

It can also show you what is currently made if you are interested in particular class of arm so that you can see what might be currently available at the local dealers. If you are a person looking for a shotgun for self defense but you want one in 20 gauge you can look and see who currently builds a 20 gauge shotgun with you desired features.

I could keep going but you get the idea. Sign up and start searching. One low fee of $1.99 per firearm or two different levels of memberships with a low yearly fee and the information is there whenever and wherever you need it. We have the lowest membership fees on the web, update our information daily and are dedicated gun owners. Our CEO is an NRA benefactor member and we will always try to keep you updated on the politics that affect your gun rights. We love hunting and shooting, reloading and most anything gun related. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments or if there is a feature you would like to see let us know and we will try to incorporate it.