Nov 04

What exactly is Gun Violence?

Gun violence is a term we hear from the news media and gun ban crowd all the time. The news media will put up a picture of a gun when leading into a news story about a murder and then we find out it was a knifing. The gun ban lobby just put up a story about how the states with the most lax gun laws have the most gun violence but after some study I think there idea of violence needs some adjusting.

Webster’s dictionary defines violence as: The use of physical force so as to injure or abuse. With that pretty broad definition I want to look at what the Brady crowd calls gun violence and see if it stacks up.

The one that immediately jumps out is their counting of suicides in gun violence numbers. If you stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger you are ending your own life. To use an argument of the left you are not hurting anybody but yourself. (Smoking pot, prostitution and other so called victimless crimes are ok but if you want to off yourself with a gun then it is their business) I know you are hurting the loved ones you leave behind and probably the people that have to clean up after you but at least you are only taking yourself out. We have the ones that seek to kill as many as possible before taking themselves out and having the police do it for them. Then there are the ones that kill their whole family before taking their own life. Driving the car into a pond with the kids strapped in. I could go on but you get the idea. Suicide might be violence in the strictest sense of the word but it is not against other people and that is what I think defines true violence.

Another tactic is to put the gun that is used in a crime back to the state where the gun was first sold rather than where the crime occurred. This is part of the way they get New Mexico and Arizona on to the list. By taking crimes that occur in Mexico and counting them in the statistics for Arizona you can skew the numbers. Let’s forget for the moment that our Federal Government was allowing guns to be sold to criminals and then lost track of the guns. I will be the first to admit that the murders, kidnapping and such is definitely violence but I have a hard time counting murders committed in Mexico with U.S. crime statistics. By that reasoning arms that have fallen into the ISIS in Iraq should be counted because we supplied to the Iraqi military and they lost them to the rebels.

Another favorite trick that they like to use is the percentage game. If you count suicide and then look at it as violence within a percentage of the population then it is easy to say a low populace state has more gun violence than one with a higher population. This is how they get Alaska on the list (A state with a fairly high suicide rate but get to exclude states like Illinois which contains the current murder capital of the country, Chicago. In 2012, the last year I could find stats for Alaska had 29 murders for a murder rate of 4 per 100,000 while Illinois had 509 for a rate of 5.6 per 100,000. It gets even more skewed if you add shootings but omit suicide.

In my home state of Washington they left is running an initiative to outlaw private transfers of guns. The tactics being used in the ads claim criminals can go on the internet or to a gun show and buy a gun no questions asked. Since most criminals get their guns on the street or steal them, this law will do little to nothing to lower the crime rate. (The Newtown shooting that got this whole thing going was committed by a man that killed his mother and then stole her guns. Which means this law does nothing but restrict law abiding people.) What’s worse is that the left’s definition of a transfer includes a “loan”. The way this can be interpreted is that if you are at a shooting range and shoot your buddies gun then you just committed a felony. Once again it is not about reducing crime but it is about controlling people and their actions.

Another lie from the left is to bring on people from Colorado claim their officer involved shooting have declined since they enacted their same scheme last year. The problem is this year isn’t over and officer involved shootings are another number to easily misrepresent the total number of gun crimes. Unfortunately if you argue the facts with a liberal the only things you will do is confuse them of tick them off. They do everything by leading with their heart and common sense and logic can’t enter in to it. Generally they won’t even listen so I rarely waste my breath anymore. I just figure with the way we are spending, money when the crash happens they’ll be the first ones looted and burned out and wonder why the government isn’t there to protect them.

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