Apr 29

More Government Lunacy

It is no secret that I think the government has overstepped its bounds on every level from local to Federal. The thing I can’t understand is how people can put their trust is a system that is inherently dysfunctional, unorganized and is broke.

In order to try to drive my point home I would like to relate what has happened to me in the last couple of months. As many of you know I live in Washington State. It is sometime necessary for me to cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge which is a toll bridge. (For those unfamiliar with it you have probably seen the video of a bridge waving wildly in the wind and then collapsing. That was the original bridge that fell in 1940) Anyway, I had to cross to bridge in January in one vehicle and then cross it again four days later in another vehicle. Since I cross it infrequently I often opt to pay by mail rather than wait at the tollbooth. Since the two bills arrived very close together I wrote one check and mailed in the two payments together and that’s where I went wrong.

I never envisioned that the geniuses at Washington State DOT could not figure out how to put one check into two different payments. To make a long story short I have received one refund check, been billed two late charges and have a $50 civil penalty notice. After 45 minutes on the phone yesterday I had to write a three page letter because the people in customer service can’t correct their errors and a review board must look at it and correct their errors. The best part is that if they decide they did nothing wrong I have no other way to appeal without hiring a lawyer and spending thousands of dollars. I ask again why do you want the government to do anything for you that you can do yourself.

Now on to the point of this essay, after the shooting in Newtown many states tried and some succeeded in enacting new gun control laws. In Washington there was a half-hearted attempt but with the budget being the overriding concern nothing happened. Enter the Seattle liberals. They have gathered enough signatures to put a measure on the ballot that will require all gun transfers to have a background check. This is nothing more than a backdoor method of gun registration. If I hand a friend a rifle to try will I be breaking the law? What if I give my daughter some of my collection is that illegal? Criminals do not get their guns this way. For the most part the weapons are stolen. More laws do nothing because criminals by their very nature ignore laws.

Now just to show how ignorant some voters are comes the rest of the story (props to Paul Harvey). At the same time the gun groups in the state got an initiative of their own which specifically outlaws private sale transfer background checks at gun shows and in many other cases. The wild part is that in early polling both of these are leading. Since they are completely incompatible if both pass they will be in conflict. Only in a state that has been run by Dumbocrats for 30 years could such confusion reign.

Now for my last tilt at windmills for what it’s worth. Once again as with most 2nd amendment restricting initiatives in this state this one is being funded largely by Bill Gates. If you have a choice on doing business with Microsoft or someone else I strongly encourage you to do business with the someone else. Gates has made his money and anything we can do will have no effect but the less business he has the less money he has to use against us.

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