Feb 18

Gun makers on the Move

The anti-gun policies of the liberal left seem to be coming home to roost at last and they appear to be getting hit where it matters the most, the wallet. After the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, Ct. the Democrat led legislatures of several states passed several ridiculous new gun laws. In New York magazines over 7 rounds were banned and all “Assault Weapons” were banned from new sale and old ones had to be registered. Then the 7 round thing was tossed because most manufacturers don’t make magazines of less than ten rounds. It then became you could own 10 round magazines but only load them with 7 rounds.  Can you say STUPID! Can you imagine a criminal saying “Oh I better only load the gun with 7 rounds or I’ll get additional charges if I get caught.”

In addition to the New York idiocy you have New Jersey registering BB guns, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California and Colorado adding more stupid laws that will do nothing but restrict law abiding citizens. One of the ironies of this is the states with the worst laws are in many cases the ones with the biggest manufacturers.

This is not a new development as the following story will show. In the 1950’s the New Haven, Connecticut City Council passed a midnight tax increase on one company; Winchester.  Since Winchester already had production lines in other states they simply moved most of the production to those other states and the move actually cost New Haven tax revenue. (The remaining production was stopped in 2006 and the plant closed its door for good)

Since these states have begun their assault on the hand that feeds them some of the manufacturers have begun “Expanding” operations in more gun friendly states.  In May of 2013 Sturm Ruger got the ball rolling when they announced the expansion of operations in either one of the Carolinas or Texas. In Illinois Springfield Armory and Armalite have threatened to move if the list of gun restrictions passes that states legislature. Magpul, an accessories manufacturer based in Colorado has announced plans to move to Wyoming and Texas and finally Remington announced plans to expand production in Alabama. (If I have missed any it was not intentional). In the case of Ruger and Remington the plants are currently listed as expansions only but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that in the long run the New England plants will probably be closed because of short sighted idiotic politicians; mostly Democrats.

It seems only fitting to take the tax dollars away from these states and let them continue their slow decay into the abyss. If we could only get all freedom loving people to move their businesses out of these states then maybe they might get the message but then again I doubt it. After all they expect a murder to respect the law and not kill somebody will an AR15.

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