Mar 05

Our Passion @MyGunValues

We are passionate about anything guns here at MyGunValues. We are three guys with different skills that have come together to bring what we see as a void in finding gun values on the internet. You can buy books and magazines about gun values but the problem is they just update their values by a fixed % over time. We spend thousands of hours looking through online auctions, going to gun shows, and connecting with others to do the best we can to update values using real time research. We are also very careful not to jump on short term panic buying numbers because of legislative banter. In the past year, prices for AR-15 type firearms went through the roof on panic buying. We maintained the same values and now (for the time being) those prices have stabilized back to normal.

Since we have a passion for all gun related topics we are much more than gun values. Reloading, legislation, competitive shooting, gun news, and hunting,are some of the topics you will see in our blog posts and monthly newsletter.

Meet the guys:
David is our resident gun guru. He is an avid hunter, reloader, gunsmith and provides gun appraisals to local attorneys handling estates. The idea behind the starting of this website was collaborated between David and Bill. David and his wife Mary live in the state of Washington.

Bill is our jack of all trades and master of none. Bill knows a little about thousands of topics. Growing up in rural Kentucky Bill was an avid hunter and back country fanatic. Bill can survive (not well, but survive) in the wilderness if needed. Bill has worked in IT, project management, marketing  and currently has a passion for videography. Bill was married to David’s mother before she went to be with our lord. Bill currently lives in Wyoming.

Ben is our youngster and IT guru. Ben is ex military and a staunch believer in personal liberties. The smarts behind the website is the genius of Benjamin. Ben is an amateur radio operator (as is Bill). Ben and his wife Kate currently reside in New Your state.

We are three avid gun nuts which together pull this website together.

Because gun manufacturers are so inconsistent with the markings and model structure sometimes it is difficult to search for what you need. The majority are easy to find but if yours does not show up we do offer a custom appraisal service. We currently have over 100,000 models in our database. We update from the manufacturers catalogs yearly.

One of our members wrote comments to us that sums up why we strive so hard to provide concise information for our members

Craig wrote:
“It would benefit anyone that plans on buying/selling anything to know the basics of negotiation to avoid being taken advantage of by the “opponent” in the transaction. Always *know* what the value is before you begin negotiation, period. That is why this site is so useful. Thank you for providing this important service.” Thanks Craig for those kind words.

We constantly strive to make the site better and more user friendly in spite of the manufacturers lack or mis-information.

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