Jun 08

Sometimes the Name of the Game is Patience

In my work I get the opportunity to interact with many different people on any given day. In a fairly large number of those conversations the topics of hunting, shooting and firearms in general will come up. Seeing an NRA bumper sticker or an American Rifleman magazine on the counter will usually get a great conversation going. (Bumper stickers like “it’s the guns stupid” or similarly idiotic statements can also get the conversation started but not necessarily in a good way) It was one of these conversations about 4 or 5 years ago that led to a great deal today.

I had dealings with this particular gentleman for a number of years before the topic of target shooting came up at his house one day. As these talks often do it resulted in his bringing out his late uncle’s Winchester model 1892. It was chambered in 32 WCF (32-20) and as an added bonus was a first year production gun. It was in antique very good condition and the bore was nearly pristine. He mentioned that he had needed money recently and taken it to Cabela’s for an estimate. They told him they would give $650 for it and he decided he could not bear to part with it and put it back in the safe. My comment was something on the order of if you ever decide to sell it I’ll give you $650 for it.

Yesterday that 5 year old conversation resulted in the phone call of “I need money and if you’re still willing to give me $650 you can have” Needless to say I beat a hasty path to is door checkbook in and the rifle came home with me. With an approximate value of $1650 not taking into account the excellent bore on the first year of production I consider this a very good deal.

The point of this short story is that good deals are out there but they make take some time to be realized. Be patient and have the cash on hand when you get those calls and you can walk away with some excellent bargains.


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